Why Children Rebel Against
    Their Parents

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For a deep trust to exist between children and their parents, many things
need to come together in harmony.   The page Blessed Is The Child
has more details.   The goal of this page is to bring to light a major contributor
to why some children resent their parents and rebel against them.   This major
contributor is actually easy to eliminate (at least at the conscious level).
It is lying to children and not giving them the answers the children ask for.

In a very simplified way, there are two levels of our being here on Earth:
- conscious
- subconscious

At the conscious level children are very naive and gullible.
The conscious mind of a child is very fresh and empty.   It has no experience to
reference when it is presented with information from adults (well, from any source),
plus it is dependent on adults (the parents) for its survival, so it has no choice but
to accept the provided answers as they are given (until it can compare the answers
with information coming from other sources, which usually happens later on in
the child's life).   What seems as a funny story to adults sounds real to the naive
conscious mind of the child.

At the subconscious level we all know what the truth is, including children.
The subconscious part of our Being has been around for at least all our incarnations,
and it also can feel when a provided piece of information is not true.
False pieces of information, false answers, can and do create subconscious
emotions that affect the person, especially when the false pieces of information
are provided intentionally (lies).
What emotions do you consciously experience when you realize that someone
deceived you?   Anger?   Resentment?   Being galled?   Being fed up?
How do you react, especially when the deceiver repeats the lies?   Do you
eventually put your foot down and rebel against the person?

Well, when parents lie to their children and/or don't answer sincere questions
honestly, the subconscious of the children knows it, and negative emotions
are created (anger, resentment, galled, grief, etc.).   So even though the conscious
mind accepts the given misinformation at the face value, the subconscious knows
better.   The stored subconscious emotions come to the surface at some point - perhaps
when the children are older, stronger.   Even though the children might not consciously
understand the source of their rebellion (the surfacing of the stored emotions) against
their parents, it happens.   The rebellion may manifest as not listening to the parents,
bouts of anger, destructiveness towards the parents' possessions, arguing, doing
things on purpose to anger the parents, ignoring the parents, lying to the parents, etc.

Examples of the lies parents feed to their children are:
- presenting fairy-tale/made-up stories as if they are true, such as Santa Claus,
  religious stories, scary stories, teasing stories
- answering sincere questions vaguely or inaccurately (even though the true answer
  is known)
- telling children that if they misbehave they will go to.... , or be visited by...., etc.
- distorting possible consequences to (even positive) actions
Note:   it may be OK to tell children certain fairy-tale stories when they are clearly
           presented as unreal/made-up stories, and the children are old enough to
           understand the distinction.

Lets have a closer look at one of the most common lies - the Santa Claus story.
First of all, it is not a positive concept, positive story.   That can be easily and
repeatedly confirmed with Neuro-Emotional Technique testing (kinesiology testing).
And even if it were a positive, fun story, who would benefit from it, when presented
as real?   Would the children benefit?   Of course not.   How?   How can any person
benefit from believing a made-up story as real?
So who benefits from feeding made-up stories to children? (Possible negative
aside,) it is the ego of the parent.   It gets a kick out of it.   The ego
considers it fun.   Why?   The ego thrives on drama.   Whether it's internal drama -
within the person; or projected drama - sent to another person.   And what a drama
to feed nonsense to naive and gullible minds (children), and to watch their reaction,
and to gain some control of them!
Oh, and if you think that you have positive memories from your childhood of
being told about Santa and possibly other stories, I challenge you to visit
a doctor that performs Neuro-Emotional Technique and check...

As you can see, it is very important to always tell children the truth, and to answer
their sincere questions honestly.   Everybody benefits from the truth, and nobody
benefits from lies.   Stored emotions eventually come to the surface, and when that
To heal affection from lies and other sources, it is beneficial to visit a doctor
that performs NET (Neuro-Emotional Technique); chiropractic is also vital.

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