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Cancer is a disease - a symptom - of an unhealthy lifestyle.
As the other pages of this website reveal, a healthy lifestyle is a big recipe
with many ingredients.   This article is to address some of the main, and most
common, contributors to cancer:

1) loss of (lack of) enzymes:
- when food is heated above approximately 40 degrees C (104 F) enzymes get
destroyed.   Cooked and processed food lacks enzymes.   Pasteurized drinks
lack enzymes.   Irradiated food lacks enzymes, too.
Also, exposure to light and air damages enzymes.   For example, if there is
a raw veggie bar, it's certain a lot of the enzymes are gone from the chopped
up vegetables.
A large portion of the food we eat needs to be raw (fruits and, mainly, vegetables).
Even if we would eat 50% of our food raw, it still may not be enough of an enzyme
intake.   Please read on.

2) loss of natural hydration:
- many drinks that people consume are in fact toxic to the body; thus the body cannot
properly use them and it gets dehydrated.   Even the non-toxic drinks, such as natural
fruit and vegetable juices, are pasteurized - this processing alters their naturalness to
some degree (damages the nutrients in them).   Drinking water straight from the public
water system contains chlorine - a toxic chemical.   Bottled water (especially in plastic
containers) can be of poor quality, as well.   How to address these issues?   Please read on.

3) damaged oil (fatty acids)
- high temperatures and some other forms of processing damage oils and turn them
from life-giving to toxic.   Unsaturated oils (EFAs, or essential fatty acids)
shouldn't be heated.   Saturated oils can handle higher temps, but not too high.
Forms of cooking that damage oils are:
grilling; broiling; frying; microwaving.

3) acidity of the body:
- your body needs to be in an alkaline state to be able to maintain good health.
Acidity is a breeding ground for diseases.   Things that contribute to acidity are:
processed foods; too much fruit, especially via fruit juices; soft drinks; toxins.
Alkalinity is helped by consuming vegetables, especially juicing vegetables (making
your own fresh veggie juices), drinking clean alkalinized water.

4) suppression of friendly bacteria in your gut (intestines):
- what kills the vital friendly bacteria in your gut is acidity (see above), chlorinated water,
gluten (especially via wheat flour), toxins.   How to address these issues?   Please read on.

5) toxins:
- alcohol, coffee, drugs, smoking, mercury (via dental amalgams and some fish) are the main
offenders.   Isn't it amazing how many people willingly damage/kill their bodies?
Also some food preservatives and food colours/dyes are toxic.   Refined sugar and artificial
sweeteners belong to the toxic category, as well.

6) lack of gentle exercise:
- many people don't exercise enough and quite a good number over-exercise.
Not enough exercise atrophies (wastes away) the body.   Too much exercise depletes the
body of energy (that the body needs for healing).   Outdoor exercise, as long as the weather
allows it.   Sunlight, in moderation, is essential to good health.   Even on a cloudy day
the sun's energy reaches the ground.

7) EMF (electro-magnetic fields) pollution:
- wireless everything (cell phones, Internet connections, sound systems, measuring devices).
Not a healthy environment at all.   A highly energized individual may be immune to
EMFs, but the majority of people are not there, yet.   How to address these issues?
Please read on.

8) stress:
- stress doesn't have to be as obvious as an emotional drama after a death of a loved one,
or an occupational stress.   Stress can also be subtle, as not spending enough time in real
nature, or not resting enough.

9) lack of rest:
- good sleep, rest after an exercise, rest after work are all important, of course.   There is
more to rest though.   The depth of the rest is vitally important, too.   After working hard
at work and then taking a break at home while your mind is busy thinking of this and that
is not really a rest.   Disconnecting from the world, in other words, being in the here-now
(the present) is very important.   The mind stops thinking about the future and past, is
in the present, and thus quiet.   The breathing slows down, deepens, relaxes.   The body
relaxes more deeply, as well.   Another name for this kind of rest is meditation.
This kind of rest can be done at work too, if your job allows sitting quietly for even
a minute or two every now and then.

10) negative intentions:
- entertaining negative thoughts (such as thoughts of revenge, punishment, harm, getting even,
violent actions, unloving erotic thoughts), violent entertainment (computer/video games, movies,
fights), risking your life for non-emergency stuff (mountain climbing, stunts, extreme sports,
extreme adventures) all create a dangerous friction/fragmentation within your system, and
thus weaken your health.

11) malnutrition:
- just because you may stuff your stomach with food doesn't mean you are getting the
nutrients you need.   What applies to enzymes (mentioned in point 1) applies to most
vitamins, too.   Minerals can handle cooking (boiling and steaming) well, and in fact
their availability from the food may be enhanced by boiling or steaming.

12) loss of your good colour; and employment of your bad colour

13) neuro-emotional issues stored in the body.   These issues can (and do) happen at all
levels of your being and you may not be aware of them consciously (until they surface
via a physical symptom).   Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) is designed to detect and
resolve them.   This work is vitally important for everyone regardless of their perceived
health, and especially important for a person hit with cancer.   NET works synergetically with
Chiropractic; their importance cannot be overstated.

14) affection by negative energies.   Unhealthy lifestyle opens you to negative energies.   In this
world if you leave your door open to negative energies, they will enter.
Healthy lifestyle (as mentioned in this article and on the other pages of this website)
helps your energy system be strong and resist negative energies.   Neuro-Emotional Technique
can detect and clear negative affections.   Chiropractic helps keep your energy level up.

From reading the above, it's obvious that to maintain good health, avoid cancer, and
even heal from cancer, it's vitally important to supply your body with plenty of enzymes, vitamins,
minerals, natural oils, and pro-biotics (to support your friendly gut bacteria).   Using good quality
nutritional supplements is critical.   In today's world it's not enough to obtain nutrients from
food, even if you eat completely natural and raw food.   Besides other toxins, alcohol energy is
basically omnipresent in this world, even though you may not drink alcohol.   For your body
to be able to fend of this super-toxic energy (and other toxic energies), it needs to be flooded with
good quality nutrients; some - if not all - of them way above the RDI (recommended daily intake).
For example, someone who is already diagnosed with cancer may need to eat even a handful of
digestive enzymes a day.   Also supplementing with a good source of omega-3 fatty acid is crucial
(such as cod liver oil).   Probiotics nutritional supplements help restore and maintain your
friendly gut bacteria.
The most reliable way to tell what nutrients and in what quantity is to visit a doctor
that performs Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) and get tested.   Or, a Naturopathy doctor.
Good quality nutritional supplements are made by: RBC Life Sciences; Organika; Sisu.

Steaming and boiling are the best cooking methods.

Drinking mainly simple water.   If you rely on a public water system, buying a good quality water
filter is very important. sells good quality drinking water filters that are very
reasonably priced; cheaper and healthier than buying bottled water.   Keeping the filtered water
in glass containers.   Adding just a few drop of a fruit or vegetable juice to your drinking
water to colour it with your good colour strengthens you.
HydraCel sold by RBC Life Sciences helps alkalinize water, and so does Microhydrin (sold by
RBC Life Sciences).   Both are highly recommended.   Microhydrin also helps neutralize free
radicals in the body (very important).

Besides supplementing with omega-3 oils, virgin coconut oil, extra-virgin olive oil, organic
butter belong to the healthy oil group.   Avoiding high temperature cooking, as mentioned above.
(Omega-6 oil is vital, as well; it is available from vegetable oils that people commonly use
for cooking.)

Helping your body establish and maintain alkaline biological terrain by consuming natural
(non-processed and non-pasteurized) foods and drinks.   Reducing the intake of fruits
(and especially of fruit juices) and juicing your own veggies (this juicing also greatly helps
with proper bowel movement).   Replacing wheat flour with spelt, kamut, rye, or rice flour,
and even then only in moderate amount.

Avoiding the main toxins: alcohol, coffee, smoking, drugs, mercury.   That's the first step.
The next step is to allow your body to detoxify them by supplementing with high quality
nutritional supplements (as mentioned above), regular and frequent chiropractic adjustments
(twice or more times a week may be necessary), and via Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET).

The healthy amount of exercise for you is best determined by using NET.   Also, Applied
Kinesiology can be used, as explained in the highly-energized book "Power vs. Force" by
Dr. David R. Hawkins.   Chiropractors can help, as well (tight spine/body indicate neurological
depletion and thus vigorous exercise shouldn't be attempted).
I believe it is safe to generalize thusly (to give some general
idea of under- and over- exercising): if you're as an average person and you jog more than
10 km (6 mi) a day, you're over-exercising.   If you walk less than 4 km (2.5 mi) a day you're
Both under- and over-exercising are detrimental to your health.   Please be aware that
those 10 and 4 km mentioned above are just pointers of a principle for an average person.
A sick person may not be able to walk even 4 km.   Even an average person may be too drained
by jogging 10 km.   That's why it's vital to check by visiting a doctor that performs NET
or by checking via Applied Kinesiology or Chiropractic, as stated above.

To protect yourself (and your Self) from EMFs (electro-magnetic frequencies), it is helpful
to use EMF harmonizing chips made and sold by GIA Wellness.   Of course, reducing or
eliminating the use of cell phones and other wireless devices, and staying a good distance
away from electric motors, transformers, clocks, etc., is important.   What the distance
is can be measured with an EMF meter (gauss meter).   These meters can be purchased online
or in scientific stores for about 50 dollars or even less.
As we are surrounded by EMFs from our neighbours and from electric devices we need
to use, the above-mentioned EMF harmonizing chips from GIA Wellness can help us handle
those fields in a more healthy way: so carrying a few of these chips in a pocket is helpful.
The helpfulness of these GIA Wellness (former Biopro) EMF harmonizing chips has been
confirmed with NET.

Finding even a few minutes each day for deep rest is essential.   Disconnecting from the world,
closing your eyes, letting go of thoughts and body tension, breathing deeply and slowly,
can be done almost everywhere, and even when standing up (though perhaps not as deeply
and comfortably as when sitting in a supportive chair).

Prayers (positive affirmations) and positive visualizations, are a big part of healthy living.
Praying has nothing to do with religions (even though religions use it extensively).
Praying is acknowledging your connection with Existence (God, Light, Love).
Praying helps connect with the higher energies that help with healing.
When you pray you affirm your connection with Love and by asking for the healing
you wish to accomplish as if you already have it shows your intention and helps
open you to healing.
Walking your talk is important.   When you pray for good health and healing it is vital
to follow up with actions that support good health (such as mentioned in this article).
For example, asking for healing and then drinking alcohol or playing computer games
that use violence will not get you anywhere.   While you set up a good intention by the
praying, you negate it by doing something detrimental to your health.
Praying for good health and then honestly addressing as many good health principles
as you can is the way to let Existence know you mean it.
An example of a prayer:
"Thank you, Divine Love, for guiding I in good health and for healing this body.
My intention is to live a healthy, loving life. Awareness"
In this world it is perhaps unavoidable to come across negative/violent thoughts.   Just
observing them in a detached way is enough.   Entertaining them or fighting them is
guaranteed to get you entangled in them.   This negatively affects your health.   Your true
nature is loving, regardless of what you may think and what's happened in your life
so far.   When you entertain negative thoughts (by accepting or fighting them) and/or
when you employ violent entertainment (as mentioned in point 10 above), you are
creating friction and fragmentation within your Self (the true you vs. the negatively
entertaining you).   One can imagine negative thoughts and the temptations of violent
entertainment like a dog poop on the ground.   It's probably impossible to avoid
coming across a dog poop.   When you see a dog poop do you fight it?   Do you judge it?
Do you embrace it?   Of course not; you just make sure you don't step in it and keep
on walking...

While the barbaric chemotherapy and radiation treatment may be able to poison
cancerous cells out of the patients body (along with the healthy tissue), they can only
address the symptoms (and even that not very well).   To clear the true underlying
issues, what is written above needs to be addressed.   A disease of an unhealthy lifestyle
can only be avoided and defeated by a healthy lifestyle.   Cancer cannot be conquered
with medicine - only with restoring and maintaining good health, as mentioned here.

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