The Concept Time

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Please, read this page first:   How did it come to this?.   It is important
you are aware of what's written there before reading this page.

The Concept Time in this article refers to a transition time of the world
from harmony to whatever we've created (contributed to manifesting).

Before the Concept Time we were present on Earth in a harmonious environment.

The Concept Time lasted quite a while.   As this transition time unfolded
heavenly guidance was lost and we were on our own.   (By "Heavenly
guidance" is meant guidance from Divine Loves [Gods], our Godly Selves, and other
Love Beings.)   As well, the disconnected, unloving being was introduced into
this guidance-free environment.   Let's call her VIKI (from the movie I robot).
She started doing things in her own, unloving, ways.   We all were loving and innocent
at her introduction.   She used her knowledge to propose certain things.   On the surface
those things looked OK, and so some individuals joined her.   As they couldn't verify
the validity of the proposed things with higher-up guidance, they didn't understand what
projects they were joining.   Those project (the proposed things) were in truth unloving
and so the work on those projects started causing fragmentation and toxicity in
the participants.   Thus from loving, innocent individuals, disconnected, toxic and
unloving individuals were created.   These messed-up individuals then joined VIKI and
began helping her.   Actually, more correct wording would be that VIKI gained control
of those individuals and through them she started working to gain control of everyone
(well, it is true that the disconnected, toxic, unloving individuals also began to devise
their own ways of controlling others).   A certain hierarchy was established.   The more
intense the messed-up individuals were in their drive for completing the projects and
also controlling others, the higher-up in the hierarchy they placed.   Thus a committee
and a council were born.   Most of this was going on in the subconscious world
(remember, the subconscious world is much larger and more powerful than
the conscious one, and controls it).   It is quite obvious that the committee, the council,
and their helpers were negative and dedicated their energy to controlling and ruling
others in unloving ways, and also trying to affect Divine Loves (Gods), and
the connection between individuals and Divine Loves.
This way a large number of individuals got entangled in the projects and thus they fell
energetically, spiritually.   However, not everyone joined the projects, joined VIKI.
There were some individuals that warned the project participants and tried to stop
the fragmenting work.   The project participants, being fragmented, being out-of-control
to some degree, didn't listen and tried to prevent the positive individuals from
interfering with their work.
All this snowballed into a big mess, into creating an unloving world, and all you need
to do is to look at our world today, and look at our history, to see where it all has led.

The main project that VIKI and her helpers undertook was to create a replica of
the soul and the energy system.   They copied the souls and energy systems of certain
individuals.   Remember, both the soul and energy system are composed of two
ingredients: energy; information (that "shapes" the energy into "forms").   This is what
they tried to copy.   Since the Concept Time they have been using these copied energies
to create their own people (persons).
So if you wonder why some souls would choose to incarnate in certain terrible (as in
destructive) regions, where there is famine, constant wars, tortures, and other cruelty,
now you know why.   While a real soul might incarnate into circumstances like that,
it doesn't happen very often.   Most of the people living in these highly destructive,
unloving conditions are the false souls.   So why would VIKI and her helpers do it?
Because these false people are very low energy, they affect the energy matrix of
the world in a negative way.   Also, they have been using these false people to ensnare
some real people and gain control of them.
For example, if they use these false people to pull real people into a conflict, then
the real people get negatively affected, and thus they might succumb to
the "Divide, Conquer, and Rule" scenario.
Another example could be of a politician that is offered a girl for his sexual pleasure.
He might be told he can do whatever he wants with her, as nobody knows about this
girl.   This girl very well might be a false person.   Not only just being with her,
with this low-energy entity, would create a low-energy pull upon this politician
(this low-energy pull might empower the politician's Lower self or even Satanic self,
and thus make the politician do destructive things), but having sex with her, or even
torturing her, would fragment the politician's Being even more, and whoever offered
the girl to the politician would gain a control of him (blackmail).

So when many, if not most, of the people who live in the famine, genocide,
constant-wars, areas are false souls, false people, does it matter what happens to them?
Yes, of course.   As mentioned above, they affect the energy matrix of the world in
a negative way, and they can ensnare true souls, true people, into negative things.
So how do we resolve this issue? First, by each of us regaining our true good health,
evolving spiritually,
by using the positive manifesting power of prayers.
Dealing with these false souls, false people, in a negative way (well, why don't we just
bomb them out of existence?) would only strengthen the negative energy in the world.
Only through love = true good health this can be resolved successfully.

VIKI, the committee, the council, and their helpers are behind most of the negativities
that happen in the world, whether the conscious, physical world, or
the subconscious, invisible world.
It very likely is that the politicians (and others) that propose and maintain unloving laws
(taxes, borders, freedom-limitting, licenses, vaccinations, etc), are being controlled by
VIKI and her cohorts.   For them to get out of that robot scenario is to heal internally,
get their nervous system in good shape again.
You can help that by healing your Self, by getting your own nervous system in good
shape.   That way you create a positive pull on them.   The more individuals heal,
the stronger the positive pull on the destructive people is.   With enough of healthy
people creating a strong positive pull, they will have no other choice than to heal.
(This is one of the reasons VIKI and others use western medicine to poison people:
to prevent them from creating that positive suction effect, and thus dismantling
their unloving world.)

The healthier you are, the more positive you are, the more loving you are, the more
powerful you are, the more positive pull you have on the energy matrix of the world.
Depending on your energy level, you might be able to counter-balance the negativity
of thousands, millions, or even billions of people (whether they are false or true souls).

Note: this Concept Time was about two trillion years ago.   After the Concept Time
incarnations as we know them now began.

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