Peace and Responsibility

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Peace is not just an absence of war; peace is a state of quiet, loving,
healthy, being.

Without any doubt anyone would answer that he/she wants to live in peace.
Even though there is plenty of love in the world, there is also enough of struggle:
wars; family disharmony; relationship problems; diseases; violence;
self-destructive behaviour (drugs, alcoholism, crime, etc.); hunger and other
manifestations of lack of basic supplies; power struggles, etc.
So many people say that they "want to make a difference", and they go on
manifesting that intention externally - for example, joining a charity, donating
money, joining an environmental movement, etc.   While these may be helpful
to some degree, the world still has a lot to heal after all those eons of
existence.   Why is it?   Why after so many dreams of peace and " green
pastures " , after so many " I want to make a difference " there is still
so much struggle?

It is important to realize that the outward, external, struggle (wars, violence,
etc.) are a reflection, a physical manifestation , of the inward, internal,
struggle.   We are not just some insignificant, small, seperate, beings.
We are powerful, big, interconnected, energy (spiritual) Beings.   We need
to be aware of this truth, because out of it comes responsibility.
Consciously, we are not fully aware of the scope of our power, of our affection
of the world.   We might not be fully aware of the role we play in the energy
matrix of the world.   Each of us is entrusted with certain responsibility
for some part of the world by Divine Loves (Gods).   Each of us has some
talent(s) that, if lovingly developed, help(s) the rest of the world lovingly.
Our social status has nothing to do with this.   Everyone from the street sweeper
to the president is an important part of the world.   Please, be aware that
most of what is happening in the world is happening in the subconscious.
In the subconscious there are no steet sweepers and presidents, there are
energy (spiritual) Beings that form an energy network.   Each individual energy
Being affects the energy network depending on his/her energy level - a positive
Being uplifts the energy network (thus contributes to love, abundance, peace,
good health, etc.) and a negative Being affects the energy network negatively
(thus contributes to wars, anger, lack of resources, diseases, etc.).
A positive Being is much more powerful than a negative Being, in the
subconscious energy network.   From this flows that a positive, loving street
sweeper can counterbalance the negativity of a greedy president in the
subconscious energy network *.   That may manifest in the conscious, physical,
world as, for example, the freedom-limitting law that was never tabled,
or the war that was never fought, because the negative intent to create those
was neutralized by the positive Being in the subconscious world.
If each of us, or at least most of us, were positive Beings, there could be
no wars, no taxes, no power-struggles, no lack of resources for anyone,
no diseases, no crimes, etc.   That's because any seed of negativity would be
immediately neutralized by the overwhelming positivity in the subconscious
energy network, thus nothing negative could manifest in the conscious,
physical, world.

From pure observation of the world around us, we can discern two things:
1) the world hasn't self-destructed, so it means that there is enough positivity
     (love) to counterbalance the negative.   (In truth, the positive now has
      the upper hand, and it is accelerating.   This can be verified by
      neuro-emotional technique {muscle-strength testing}, that shows that
      the energy calibration of the world is going up *.)
2) there is still enough negativity to discern that plenty of healing still needs
      to be done.

How does this healing of the world occur?

It can only happen when each of us heals internally.   Please, see the pages
" Spiritual Self-defense " , " Swaddling Bands " , "Holy Temple " , and
" Intelligence " for more detailed answers about healing and maintaining
good health.   The key to this internal healing is a healthy nervous system.
If the nervous system is affected by toxicity, poor skeletal alignment
(out-of-wack spine), negative thinking (negative thoughts also produce
neuro-toxins), nutritional depletion, external negativities (listening to lies,
un-intelligent entertainment, misleading ads, dealing with taxes, etc),
it cannot function properly and a fragmentation of the nervous system or even
a collapse may occur.   Thus such a Being becomes negative.   In other words,
negative Beings are those that are fragmented, toxic, and have a low energy

It is all these toxic, fragmented, and low-energy-level people who contribute
negatively to the subconscious energy network, and so help negativities (wars,
taxes, diseases, famines, natural disasters, violence, etc.) to manifest
in the conscious, physical, world.

This may seem harsh, yet it is true.   It is vital we understand this.   If I use
the (popular) analogy of the ocean: the subconscious energy network is like
an ocean - everything is interconnected, everything is one.   We, the individual
people, are like the waves.   Each wave is individual, and at the same time
it comes from the same wholeness.   If one of the waves becomes polluted, it
affects the part of the ocean surrounding the wave.   If more of the waves
become polluted, a larger area of the ocean becomes polluted, then the whole
ocean is negatively affected.

Each of us is directly and partially responsible for the well-being of the world.
The only true way to help the world heal is to fix our own health first.
Let's consider the following example:   a person who drinks coffee and at
the same time keeps on saying that he/she wants peace and help make
a difference.
Coffee is a major toxin (this can be easily and repeatedly verified by
neuro-emotional technique, NET) that poisons the body and the nervous system.
So on one hand the person is declaring a positive intent outwardly, yet on
the other hand the person is doing a negative thing inwardly.   The coffee
contributes to bringing down the person's energy, depletion of nutrients,
stressing the nervous system, and possibly even contributing to fragmenting it.
Because of all that the person may contribute negatively to the subconscious
energy network (polluted wave affecting the ocean) and thus contribute
to manifesting negative things in the conscious, physical, world.   It is like
offering someone a sweet smile and at the same time smacking the person
in the back.   That coffee-drinker is making a difference, for sure, but not
a positive one.
This was only a simplified example.   The interaction of energies within
one's energy system (body) and within the subconscious energy network
is very complex, and not necessarily everyone who drinks coffee is
a negative Being.   Though it is true that coffee is a major toxin weakening
one's energy system (body), and if it is not counterbalanced by proper health
care, it does result in poor health (of course, the best is to avoid drinking
coffee completely, regardless of how positive one might be otherwise).

To wrap it up:   true, lasting, peace can be brought only by people healing
themselves internally first.
If a person keeps on saying that he/she wants peace and to make
a difference, yet at the same time he/she doesn't take a good care of
his/her health, then it's just jaw-muscle exercises not leading anywhere positive.
If you would like to make a positive, loving, difference = contribute to the world
positively, you don't need to give to charities, you don't need to join
environmental movements (even though they might help to some degree),
you don't need to trumpet to the world how great your intentions are.
Just a very simple, quiet, thing is needed: take a good care of your health.
(Please, see the pages " Spiritual Self-defense " , " Swaddling Bands " , " Holy
" , and " Intelligence ".)   That will raise, and keep on raising, your
energy level.   The more energy you have, the more positive you are,
the more you contribute to true peace, the more energy you receive
from Divine Love, the more you uplift others so they also change positively -
it becomes a positive, loving, chain reaction.

*Note:   To better understand the power of positive thoughts, the power of
positive people, I highly recommend the excellent book " Power vs. Force " by
David R. Hawkins.   He also shows how many negative people a single positive
person counterbalances.

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