Marriage, Adultery, and the Bible

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What has been said about marriage and adultery can be very misleading.
Many people believe what the Bible says about this subject.
Here are two examples from the Bible:

" Haven't you read the Scriptures? " Jesus replied.   " They record that from
the beginning 'God made them male and female.'   And he said, 'This explains
why a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two
are united into one.'   Since they are no longer two but one, let no one
seperate them, for God has joined them together. "
" And I tell you this, a man who divorces his wife and marries another
commits adultery - unless his wife has been unfaithful. "
Matthew 19:4 and 19:9

" Adultery can lead to other sins. "
Second Samuel

According to this, some people believe and/or preach that once you get
married, you shouldn't divorce; that divorce is a sin; and that if you are not
faithful to your spouse you commit adultery, which is a very serious sin.

Let's look at this from the point of Divine Loves (Gods)

In a very simplified way, there are three reasons why we get attracted to
each other:
1) because of something inside us is alike.   In this world of energies like
    attracts like.
2) because of scripts, programming, running in the subconscious.
3) because of our decision in the past (as in during a past life, or on
    The Other Side before we incarnated into this life).

The three reasons listed above might be in a positive way, negative way,
or it might be a mixture of both.   Which way it depends on the level of our
spiritual evolvement.   The higher evolved, the higher spiritual energy,
we are, the more positive the way is.

Most people on this planet have a mixture of positive and negative energies,
so the reasons why they attract someone to their lives might be a mixture of
positive and negative reasons (positive = congruent, compatible with
the spirit; negative = incongruent, incompatible with the spirit).
Even a fairly positive individual might attract a negative individual into
his/her life, if he/she is affected by toxins (mercury, alcohol, medicine,
smoking, coca cola, refined sugar, pork, etc.) and/or unresolved negative
scripts (please, see the page " Dissolving the world of struggle " for more
In other words, if you let your spiritual defenses down, you might get
affected by negative energies and/or scripts that may contribute to you
attracting a partner that is in a poor shape energetically (that is spiritually).
You might not consciously realize the true reason for attracting that partner
into your life, because all that energy/programming interaction is going on
in your subconscious, which is veiled from the waking consciousness
(unless you heal deep enough to dissolve the is possible).

Now, consider the situation of an individual who, by being negatively
affected by alcohol (oh, those glasses of wine...or beer!), connects
in the subconscious world with an alcohol energy around another
individual (like energies attract like).   Because consciously they are
not able to tell what caused the attraction (in this case a negative alcohol
energy), they might think that their mututal attraction is positive, even
perhaps God-sent.   Yet it is not, and because it's based on negative,
spirit-incompatible, energy (alcohol), how can something loving come out
of it?   Do you think Divine Loves (Gods) prefer such a relationship?
Do you think that Divine Loves would want you to get locked in such
a relationship for the rest of your life?   Or do you think that Divine Loves
would prefer both individuals to get rid of the toxic alcohol energy and
heal?   In truth, it is very likely that if the individuals were healthy, that is
not affected by the alcohol (or any other toxic) energy, they would never
get together.
Another example of a disharmonious attraction would be of an individual
who gets affected by negative scripts, telling him/her to connect with
a negative person.   The goal of the negative script and the negative person
might be to control the individual, to bring him/her spiritually down.
Again, at the conscious level the affected individual might think that
everything is great, as it should be, and might not be able to see that he/she
is connecting with a low-energy, negative, controlling person.
Do you think that Divine Loves prefer such a relationship, and they prefer
the individual maintain it?   Or do you think that Divine Loves would
prefer the individual get out of the relationship, heal, and find someone
who is truly positive, loving?

When an individual gets stuck in a marriage based on a negative attraction,
and meets someone else who is more positive and has sex, is it sin?
(Sin means spiritual incongruence, or incompatibility.)
Do Divine Loves consider it bad, sinful, and will they judge the individual?
First of all, Divine Loves and all other truly healthy Beings don't judge, period.
Divine Loves resonate to love.   When something we do is loving, it resonates
to love = it is congruent with love, thus it is not a sin.   That means when
that relationship " on the side " is loving, it is not a sin.   Of course, all this
depends on the intent of the individual participating in it.   If his/her intent is
positive, loving, then it is congruent, compatible with the spirit, thus it's not
a sin.   If his/her intent is not loving, then it is not congruent, compatible with
the spirit, thus it is a sin.
If that individual, who got locked in the unloving relationship, finds someone
else who is loving, and has sex with that person because of love, it cannot
be a sin.   On the other hand, it is a sin to stay stuck in the unloving
relationship - remember, " sin " stands for " spiritual incongruence or
incompatibility ".
Of course, if that individual, who got locked in the unloving relationship,
lusts for sexual satisfaction and seeks out persons for quenching out the lust,
then his/her intent is not loving, thus his/her actions don't resonate with love,
thus they are not compatible with the spirit, thus they are a sin.
However, even then he/she doesn't get judged by Divine Loves (Gods).
The only judging there might be is by unhealthy, unloving, people.
Loving, healthy, people don't judge.   Love doesn't judge - it cannot, it doesn't
know how.   Judging is not compatible, congruent, with love, with the spirit,
thus judging is a sin.
It is true that actions incompatible with the spirit, with love, lead to poor health,
can have serious consequences, because the spirit is the source of life, and
turning away from the spirit (incompatible actions) is turning away from
the source of life = turning away from nourishment, protection, support.

It is obvious that the way marriage and adultery are portrayed in the Bible is
false.   The deep, spiritual, meaning of marriage and adultery is different,
and doesn't refer to a relationship between two individuals.
First, let's have another look at two line from Matthew 19:
- 'God made them male and female'
- 'Since they are no longer two but one, let no one separate them, for
    God has joined them together.'

Each human being is made up of a male and female energy, and by
the Divine Loves design they are united in each individual in perfect
harmony.   So every man and every woman has a male and female
energy inside. That's the marriage.
For true good health those two energies need to be in harmony, in
balance.   When they are not in harmony (symbolically a divorce), in
balance, poor health follows.
The negative entities, who have been attempting to control this world
for eons, have been trying to affect people who let their spiritual defenses
down with scripts and toxins breaking up the marriage, this inner male-female
harmonious union, and set the inner male and female energies against each
other.   Why?   Because such an affected individual, such a fragmented
individual, loses control of his/her Self and thus can be more easily
controlled, enslaved.   Such a fragmented individual loses intelligence,
intuition.   Such a fragmented individual may have his/her connection
with Divine Loves affected negatively.

Not only an unhealthy individual may get affected by a fragmentation of the
inner male-female union, but also the inner male and/or female energy might
be programmed to connect with negative energies outside of the individual.
That is the adultery.   And yes, such an adultery can be a serious sin
(spiritual incongruence or incompatibility), because that attraction of external
negative energies may bring more trouble upon the individual.

In the most extreme case of such a " dysfunctional marriage " and
" adultery " one becomes a human robot remotely controlled by unloving

Of course, it is possible to heal all that.   Please, see the pages " Dissolving
the world of struggle
", " Holy Temple ", and " Spiritual Self-defense " for more

How is it that the Bible doesn't tell the truth?

The Bible is a book written, compiled, translated, and edited by individuals
who, like many other people, were not truly healthy, thus they were affected
by negativities as many other people.   Some of those individuals involved
in producing the Bible were downright negative, enslaved and controlled
by the same negative entities that have been trying to conquer the whole

Those of you who have read the book " Power vs. Force " (by David R.
Hawkins - highly recommended book) are aware of the energy calibration
scale from 0 to 1000, where 20 is the energy level of the emotion of shame,
the lowest energy level, and 1000 is the highest energy level of enlightenment,
the level of Jesus Christ, for example.

Overall, the energy calibration of the Bible is below 500, which means it is
overall positive, yet there are lots of untruths in there.   The Old Testament
has a low energy calibration level, just barely above the negative region of 200.
The New Testament is much better, calibrating within the energy level of
Peace, more exactly just below 650.   Yet even then you can see that
the level of 650 has much improving to do to reach the highest level of 1000.
(Just as a side-note of interest, the book " Power of Intention " by Dr. Wayne
Dyer calibrates just above 900 - highly recommended book).   All this energy
calibration is easily repeatable, verifiable (please, see the book " Power vs.
Force " ).

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