What it means to flow with life

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You might have read or heard that it is beneficial to flow with life,
to stop swimming against the flow of life, to stop struggling against
life.   That all sounds great, but what does it mean?   How does it
practically translate into your life?   And, in fact, what is life?
All this could be looked at somewhat differently, depending on
the level of Existence that is being considered.   In the case
of this article, the intent is to reveal what you can do practically
right now and always to flow better with life.

OK, so first, what is life?   Most people would answer something in
the sense that it is their life experiences in this world; being born,
growing up, going to school, having kids, buying a house, growing old,
and eventually dying; also their living body and mind.
While this may be part of life, this is not life.

The word "life" as an acronym helps reveal more
truth-full meaning:
LIFE = Life Is Formless Eternal
LIFE = Life Is Flowing Expression (of the Divine)

It is understood from enlightened people, highly energized scriptures
(like the Upanishads), from reports of Near Death Experiences (NDE),
from countless hours of Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), from
genuine psychic mediums, from intuition, that there is more to life
than the physical expression (form) on Earth and in the cosmos.

So back to the LIFE acronym.   In fact, life is formless and eternal.
Life cannot be killed or destroyed and is beyond time and space.
You cannot be killed or destroyed and are beyond time and space.
Only the expressed form (i.e. the body) can be destroyed.
As formless, life cannot be grasped by the physical senses,
and by the mind which is using the physical senses.
However, life can be revealed by the intuition.
Life is a flowing (dynamic) expression of the Divine,
of the Self.

What does this mean for you?   Well, being born, going to school,
having a job, taking care of kids, etc, are experiences in this
world, but are not life itself; whatever you can observe is not
the real you, only experiences that you consider as yours.
This has great practical implications, important for better flowing
with life.   When you know that everything that you can observe
is just temporary experiences, you can step back and remove
your emotional attachments from all the happenings.   This
doesn't mean removing your participation (though sometimes
it may), it just means dropping your attachment to the business
of earthly life.   As an example, your loved one died; instead of
emotional drama outpouring, the understanding that only the body
ended its biological existence and the actual life animating the body
continues on, can free you - if you choose so - from a lot of
fuss and unnecessary drama.   Drama, that would block the flow
of your life.   If tears come, that's fine, but
you're not attached to them, to the emotion and you are not
stoking the fire of the emotion; just observing it.

This is one of the most important steps in better flowing with life:
letting go of attachments...to everything.   Non-attachment.
Physical things come and go, emotions come and go, thoughts
come and go, people come and go, nature comes and goes; all
these are temporary things that help express life, but are not
life itself, so why to be attached to them?   When something
nice comes, enjoy it free of being attached to it.   When it
departs, as it surely does, let go of it completely.
If some hardship or something painful comes, observe it
without giving it an emotional meaning; don't charge it
with your emotions.   Just observe it, pray for Divine
guidance and help, and seek high-energy help (more below).

Part of non-attachment is living in the present moment;
this means not scheming about the future and not rehashing
the past.   Melt into the present moment, releasing thoughts
about the past and future.   Huge help with this is deep, relaxed,
natural breathing.   It is observed that when the mind gets busy,
the natural, deep breathing stops and is replaced with shallow
irregular breathing.   So to re-center, to melt into the present
moment, let go of thinkingness and be aware of your breathing...
may it be deep and relaxed.

Look at your life, your experiences, your choices, your actions
with complete laser-sharp honesty, free of judgement.
Weed out judgemental, unloving thoughts, ideas, actions,
and attitudes, for they block Love/God, the flow of life.
If you're not sure about what is appropriate - harmonious
with the Divine - ask "would Christ do this?", or
at least "would an unconditionally loving mother do this?"
If the honest answer is "no" it's better to dismiss it.

Blocks to better flowing with life are also toxins, negative
thoughts and intentions, emotional dramas, lying, over or under
exercising, lack of rest, poor diet, lack of nutrients,
neuro-emotional blocks, misaligned spine.   Some of these can
be obvious, and some are hidden to the conscious mind.
Fortunately, there are true health care techniques (high
energy help) that can help reveal these hidden things:
Chiropractic - essential to help keep the spine and nervous
system in a good shape.   Chiropractors are in most places in
North America.
Naturopathic - helps reveal lack of nutrients and how to replenish them
Nutritionists - help improve diet, also can help with how to replenish
Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) - helps reveal hidden issues and
neuro-emotional blocks, can also help with improving diet and how
to replenish nutrients.

Another important step in better flowing with life is connecting
with a positive, truth-full spiritual teacher.   For most people
finding such a rare teacher may not be easy or even possible, but
positive books can help, as well.   Depending on where you are in
your life, different teachers/books may be more appropriate than
others.   Books by Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Osho can be
recommended, also the Upanishads, this website.
For the more spiritually advanced folks books by
David R. Hawkins can be recommended.
Actually, the best and highest teacher is inside of you,
the Master of all Masters, the Self...is your very essence.
The thing is the Self is gentle, quiet, still, and the ego
is loud and restless; so the ego has difficulty tuning
into the Master of Masters.   That's where the earthly
teacher comes in: he provides loud-enough and firm-enough
guidance to get through the ego.   Well, with reading
high positivity books (such as) mentioned above, their
truth and positivity connects with yours and as long as
you are open to them, they can help you get through
the ego and reconnect with your essence - the Master of
Masters, the Self.
As to diet, the book The Plant Paradox by Dr. Steven R. Gundry
can be recommended, with this caveat:
the book recommends microwaving, drinking
coffee and alcohol, eating boar (pig) meat.   These things are
not harmonious with the Divine and are to be avoided for
good health.   Especially alcohol is extremely toxic, even
in tiny and infrequent amounts, and is connected with
negative energies.   This goes for other drugs and smoking.
Staying away from all that is an absolute must
for spiritual evolvement, better flowing with life.

As life is a flowing expression of the Divine, it follows
that accepting/acknowledging the Divine is a must for
better flowing with life.   Praying to God by whatever
respectful name you may call it, thanking for your life,
for what you have and also thanking for what you wish
to have as if you already have it, are all vital.
God is is not out there; your life is an expression
of the Divine.   God is you, though what you consider
to be as you (body-mind-soul) is not God, though
you can channel godly qualities, and eventually
melt into God in the process called enlightenment.
It's your choice.

To quickly recap the basic steps for better flowing with life:
- non-attachment - letting go of attachments to everything;
                           enjoying things without getting glued to them.
                           Live in the present moment, deep relax breathe.
- honestly look at your life and get rid of the weeds, while
   keeping the nice flowers (NET can help).
- use as many of the true healthcare techniques shown above
   as possible.
- stopping ingesting toxins (alcohol, smoking, drugs, coffee,
   mercury in dental amalgams), and giving your body the chance
   to detoxify by eating healthy and supplying plenty of vitamins,
   minerals, and other essential nutrients.
- accepting and acknowledging the Divine, God, and making
   prayers and affirmations part of your life.
- connecting with a positive, truth-full teacher.   For the great
   majority of people this means positive books, as mentioned
   above.   BTW, David R. Hawkins warns of following false teachers
   and teachings; their negative effects can last even incarnations.
   That's why the recommendation of the books above.   NET can
   be used to test validity of teachers/books/teachings.
   You can find an NET practitioner using the Practitioner Finder.

Note: another benefit of formless life is there are no forms to fill
once your incarnation is over.   No paperwork in Heaven, yay!

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