Having Children

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Energy and answers are the bases of life.

Energy not only to be able to go to the gym, clean up the house, jog, etc,
but also to heal and maintain the body in a healthy shape, and for
spiritual activities (that take place mostly in the subconscious).

Answers to what is happening around us, what is affecting us, about
other energies (if they are good or bad, how to deal with them).
Examples of that could be:   why we feel a pain somewhere in the body,
what it means, who or what is truly behind it, how it affects us, how to deal
with it; if we (our bodies) have enough nutrients, and if not then what
nutrients and in what quantity we need, what the best sources of the
nutrients are; if the person we just met and we feel attracted to is a good
or bad entity - if he/she is a bad entity then why we feel attracted to him/her,
and how to heal it; if the event we are considering attending is a positive
event or not - it might look good on the surface, but the speaker (or music
band, etc.) might be a negative entity deep inside and might be trying to
affect the audience negatively, and if we already attended such a negative
event, how to deal with it, how to purify ourselves; how and where to buy
the best food for us, and what foods to avoid; what is toxic to us, how
to avoid the toxins, and how to detoxify ourselves.

As most of this energy-and-answers stuff goes on in the subconscious,
most people are not consciously aware of all that; however, all that is
what directly affects the conscious world.
For us to have all the energy and answers we need, we must have
the nervous system in a healthy shape (see the page " Holy Temple "
for more answers).   With a healthy, naturally flowing, nervous system
we connect to, and stay connected with, Divine Love - the true source of life.

Not only we need energy and answers from Divine Love, children need
energy and answers from their parents and whoever else they live with, too.

A grown-up who has a healthy nervous system, thus has all the needed
energy and answers, thus is harmoniously connected with Divine Love,
is whole.   Let's represent this wholeness, this state of true good health,
with number 1.
A child, whose parents are both number 1, will have all the necessary
energy and answers to evolve physically and spiritually in a healthy way,
will be very unlikely to take drugs, smoke, drink alcohol, and be attracted
to other toxic/destructive things.   Such a child will be able to grow spiritually
rapidly, and will naturally follow the " do no harm " principle.   In other words,
number 1 grown-ups are the ideal parents.

Let's do some revealing parental math.   Please, keep in mind this is only
symbolic, just to make a point.
When number 1 (the ideal) grown-ups conceive a child: 1 x 1 = 1.
In other words, the " product " of truly healthy parents is a truly healthy child,
that has all the energy and answers he/she needs.   All is peachy.
What happens when the grown-ups are not truly healthy?
Let's say the grown-ups' health is at different levels.   For example,
the wannabe dad is at 0.8 (instead of 1) and the wannabe mom is at 0.7
(instead of 1): 0.8 x 0.7 = 0.56.
In other words, the conceived child would be 0.56, instead of the ideal 1.
Obviously, the child would have some healing to do, as there would be
a deficiency of energy and answers.
It gets even more interesting when considering having more than one child.
Using the example above, where the dad was 0.8, mom was 0.7 before
the first child, and the first child was 0.56.   Having a child takes some energy,
it " costs " the dad and mom some energy*, let's say 0.1.   So after the first
child the dad is 0.7 (down from 0.8) and mom 0.6 (down from 0.7).
0.7 x 0.6 = 0.42.   Now the second child is 0.42.   The first-born is 0.56,
the second child is 0.42 (a third child would be 0.20).   See the big
energy-answers availability difference?   This can become a (subconscious)
cause of sibling rivalry.   The second child can sense that the first-born
has more energy and answers, " Hey, how come he has more than
I do?   I want that much, as well! "

This energy-answers deficiency may result in other problems, as well.
We all intuitively know we need energy and answers.   This is not a question
of luxury; this is an issue of necessity.   The more someone lacks
energy-answers, the more the person is susceptible to health problems,
accidents, and self-destructive behaviour: smoking; alcoholism, drugs;
crime; being a control freak; taking energy of other people to make up for
his/her deficiency; etc.

This is the point:   it is very important that grown-ups tend to their own
health (get their nervous system firing on all cylinders) before conceiving
children.   The cost of unhealthy grown-ups having children might be great,
and may cascade to future generations (until someone in the chain wakes up
and starts healing).   How to tend to one's health?   Please, see the answers
on other pages of this website: " Spiritual Self-defense " ; " Swaddling Bands " ;
" Holy Temple ".   The provided how-to-heal answers are valid for children,
as well.

*Note:   Number 1 parents don't lose any energy by having children,
it doesn't " cost " them anything, because they are connected with
Divine Love, thus their energy and answers are continuously supplied
in abundance.   Number 1 parents can have as many children as they want
and still maintain their abundant energy-answers level.

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