Intelligent Living

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Intelligent Living

The only permanently sustainable way of living is Intelligent Living.
This is because Intelligent Living is guided by intelligence = love, and thus
it is based on "win-win" scenario.
The other ways of living (listed above) are temporal, because they
are based on intellect = smartness = the mind.   The mind, by the nature
of its design, is separated from the rest of the consciousness by
an one-way mirror that allows the deeper levels of consciousness to see
into the mind, but the mind cannot see into the deeper levels of consciousness.
This has three major implications: 1) the mind doesn't have access to the
congruent answers (information) that the deeper levels of consciousness
naturally have; 2) the mind cannot tell the truth from falseness; 3) the mind
thinks it's separate from the rest of Existence.   Out of this trinity spring
all the suffering, foolishness, naivete, ignorance, and stupidity of the humankind.
Thus all the concepts and ideas that the mind creates are bound
to be lopsided and eventually they fall apart (unless the mind is guided by
intelligence).   The lopsidedness is almost always towards what benefits
the mind, what ensures its survival.   Thus the mind creates "win-lose"
scenarios.   "Win-lose" scenarios have the "lose" side assert itself eventually;
as everything is interconnected, an unloving loss to one part of wholeness
affects the whole wholeness.   So a "win-lose" scenario turns into
a "lose-lose" scenario, unless it's transformed to a "win-win" scenario
by intelligence.

Socialism/Communism/Dictatorship are the most short-lived ways of living,
because they are unnatural ways of existence for the mind.   Under these
forceful regimes the mind is not allowed to compete nor to turn to violence,
so it falls into apathy.   However, the mind can stay in one mode of existence
only for so long; eventually it becomes dissatisfied with the same thing
and seeks a change (the mind usually oscillates between extremes).
Thus Socialism/Communism/Dictatorship eventually crumble and are replaced
with something else mind-based (unless healing occurs to uplift the energy of
the society...please, read on).

Capitalism can last much longer, because there are no limitations forced on
the mind.   The mind can expand/express itself in almost any direction it wants.
Eventually even Capitalism comes to an end because the mind, in the process
of competing (which it does the best), keeps on pushing the boundaries of
whatever it's competing in, until the foundations cannot take it any longer
and collapse.
For example:
- in the process of growing more and more crop to earn more and more
    money the farm land gets eventually ruined and collapses completely,
    or its product becomes unhealthy to people (nutritionally depleted, full of
    pesticides, herbicides, and artificial fertilizers) and as the result people
    start dying of weird diseases (unless intelligence steps in and harmonizes things).
- some athletes push their bodies so much, they succumb to weird diseases,
    to accidents, their health collapses (unless intelligence steps in and harmonizes
- in the process of trying to break world speed records, people get into fatal
    accidents, and/or subject their bodies to physical stresses the bodies are not
    designed for, which negatively affects their health (unless intelligence steps in
    and harmonizes things).
- in the pursuit of wealth, of making good money, or even just being able to survive,
    people conglomerate in cities that grow larger and larger, eventually resulting in
    traffic jams, congestion, over-population, and serious pollution; all that affects
    health of the people in many ways (unless intelligence steps in and harmonizes

Intelligent Living can last indefinitely, because it is guided by intelligence.
Intelligence is an aspect of the spirit, of love.   The spirit, love, can see the broader
picture (which the mind cannot see), and automatically guides towards solutions
that bring harmony to the wholeness.   As each of us is an individual expression
of the wholeness, this guidance towards the harmony manifests through each
of us as intuitive knowing what needs to be done (and how and when) to maintain
the harmony.   Thus everything is harmoniously synchronized - a "win-win" scenario.
Intelligent Living is free of things that plague the other ways living (such as
aggression, apathy, out-of-control competition, pollution, over-population,
congestion, lack of resources, etc.)

Let's look at a simplified example demonstrating the differences between
the ways of living, using apple farmers:
- in Capitalism the farmers would compete amongst each other who can have
    the nicest apples at the cheapest price, and thus attract the most customers
    (and thus survive).   If this is left to the mind alone (without using intelligence),
    it can escalate to using harmful chemicals to support growing nice-looking
    apples, and then applying a polishing wax so the apples look attractively shiny.
    This competition might also include getting to the market as early in the morning
    as possible to grab the best spot.   Cheating and other forms of dishonesty
    might also exist.
- in Socialism/Communism/Dictatorship the farmers would have no incentives
    to produce nicer apples.   Pretty much any look and any quality would do.
    The orchards are not theirs anyway, and even if they are, they don't have a
    reason to strive for better quality, as the overseeing regime is too restrictive.
    Cheating and other forms of dishonesty might exist, as the mind can try
    to find ways of beating the system and earning more money (a form of
- in Intelligent Living the farmers listen to their intelligence, to their intuition,
    and so they are guided to the best way of growing the apples to the benefit
    of all.   There is no fight for survival in this.   The spirit knows there is plenty
    for everyone, and seeing the broader picture it knows how to organize
    everyone and everything.   The farmers just need to listen to their internal
    guidance (which happens naturally in Intelligent Living).
    Because the farmers' actions come from their intelligence, they love what
    they do, and they are motivated by the love, by the good feeling, rather
    than by survival as in Capitalism.   Cheating and other forms of dishonesty
    cannot exist: the farmers are guided by love.

In Capitalism people are motivated by survival, at the most basic level.
In Socialism/Capitalism/Dictatorship people are either not motivated, or
motivated by fear.
In Intelligent Living people are motivated by love.

In Capitalism things improve (bigger, better, more efficient, better looking,
cheaper, etc.) because the mind strives to out-do other minds.
Because the mind has no loving guiding principle, things can improve
in destructive ways (or towards destructive goals).
In Socialism/Capitalism/Dictatorship things don't improve, or improve because
somebody higher up ordered it.   Such an improvement is not worth much.
Things can degenerate into destructiveness, because unmotivated people
stop caring, or the higher-up dudes can order destructive things.
In Intelligent Living things improve because people get the kick out of enhancing
things and inventing new stuff to feel even better (in a harmonious way).
Inventing destructive stuff is not possible.   Not caring is not possible.
Love equates to "do no harm".

Intelligent Living is possible only when the energy level of the society is
within the unconditional love level.   For that to happen, the people involved
need to heal their nervous systems.   The universal bases of that healing
is mentioned on the page Good Health Trinity.

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