About Repenting

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The Bible and other religious and spiritual sources talk about repenting -
that one needs to repent to be saved.
What does it mean to repent?

Let's look at what the word " repent " reveals:

repent = renounce evil     pray (and) energy enters thee

In other words, when you renounce evil and pray, healing energy enters your

Renounce = " refuse to recognize or abide by any longer "
                   "declare that you will no longer engage in or support "
                   "reject and stop using or consuming "

Evil = the word " live " spelled backwards.   When your values are backwards,
you live evil.   When you chase after material possessions and other wordly
stuff (fame, power, glamour, recognition, control, importance, social status, etc.),
you pursue things that are incompatible with your soul, thus you live backwards.
When you poison your Being with toxins (mercury in tooth fillings, alcohol,
smoking, drugs, pork, coffee, coca cola, junk food, etc.), you are consuming
things that are incompatible with your soul, that fragment your Being, that may
send your spiritual energy spinning out of control and do negative things, thus
you live backwards.
When you entertain negative thoughts, you are doing things that are
incompatible with your soul, thus you live backwards.
When you stress your Being with too much exercise (or not enough), when
you engage in sports and other entertainment that are detrimental to your
health, and neglect your health in other ways, you are doing things that are
incompatible with your soul, that may contribute to your spiritual energy being
in a negative state and affect the energy matrix of the world in a negative way,
thus you live backwards.
When you are not in harmony with Divine Loves (Gods), you live backwards.

Pray = please, see the pages " Paying Respect ", " Love Prayer ",
" Dissolving the world of struggle ", " Healing Prayers ".
Also, praying is not only saying something positive, it is a state of being:
being centered, aware; being in harmony with Divine Loves (Gods);
being in the state of gratitude.

...healing energy enters your Being = Love energy flow enters your Being.
The more energized by this Love energy flow you are, the healthier
you are.   The healthier you are, the more healing Love energy flow you have,
the more in harmony with Divine Loves you are.   The more you have,
the more is given to you.

In a very simplified way, there are two levels of being in this world:
- conscious
- subconscious
You might be aware of your conscious level - that's the level that is given
a name; that's the level that directly interacts with the physical world
through the five senses; that's the level of the physical body.
Consciously, you might not be aware of your subconscious level.
That's the level of the seven higher bodies (see the page " Spiritual
").   Due to disharmonious, evil, living, it is possible to have
the conscious level do one thing and the subconscious level do another thing.
It is possible to appear good, positive, at the conscious level (" John is such a
nice guy "), yet be negative, destructive, at the subconscious level.
The subconscious level is much larger and more powerful than the conscious
For true repenting, evil has to be renounced at both levels.   This seemingly
creates a problem - how do you renounce something you are not consciously
aware of?   This is where praying (asking for guidance) and using
Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) along with Network Spinal Analysis (NSA -
an advanced form of chiropractic)
come in (the conventional chiropractic can be
helpful, as well).   NET helps reveal conscious and subconscious issues, and
helps resolve them.   NSA helps the nervous system connect properly, and thus
gain more energy to further help reveal other disharmonious issues.
NET is performed by specially trained doctors, many of them chiropractors;
NSA is performed by specially trained chiropractors.

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