Right Answers - Wrong Answers

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Every time we encounter a situation that is challenging to us in some way,
we need an answer, or answers, on how to deal with it.   Should we choose
this or that?   Should we accept or avoid?   Should we go there or not?
Should we eat this or that?   Is that drink good for us or not?   Is that person
positive or negative?   Should we do this or that?   Is this safe or not?
Is this piece of information true or false?   Why is that entity in the unhealthy
condition, and how does it affect us?   When we get hit by an energy, we need
to understand how it affects us and how to protect our Selves.   If something
is draining our energy, we need to understand why and how to stop it.
If we cannot connect with Divine Loves (Gods) we need to understand why
and how to fix it.   What is the best way for us to heal?   And so on.
For our lives to be positive, healthy, peaceful, joyful, we need the right

Right answers = pieces of information that help us lovingly.
Wrong answers = pieces of information that mislead us.

Most of what is going on in our (earthly) lives happens at the subconscious
level, so that's where we need the right answers the most.   Whatever
occurs at the conscious level of our (earthly) lives is a manifestation of
the subconscious play of energies.

The right answers may come from Divine Loves (Gods), other Love Beings,
our higher Selves, and our internal answering system.
Yes, each of us has an internal answering system that helps us determine
whether something is true or false, beneficial or not beneficial.
A lot of our actions are based on the answers we get from this internal
answering system.

The internal answering system doesn't talk to us in a voice, it "talks" to us
through a feeling, a natural knowing what the right answer is, or it can
provide answers in the physical world through the muscle-strength testing
(as described in the book "Power vs. Force" by David R. Hawkins), or as
some other physical symptom (such as a tightness of breathing when
something is false, not beneficial, and a freeness of breathing when
something is true, beneficial).

When working properly, your internal answering system tells you what
the right answer is in real time.   For example, when you meet a person,
your internal answering system can tell you through intuitive knowing
whether the person is a negative or positive entity; or you can use
the muscle-strength testing to get the answer.
In a simplified way, this internal answering system gives you "yes" or "no"
answers - it doesn't elaborate.

The reliability of your internal answering system is dependent on the state
of your energy system.   When your energy system is in a good shape,
you get reliable answers.
However, it is possible to have the energy system blocked or switched,
in which case you get false answers.
It is vitally important to understand this - to understand the impact this has
on your life, on your decision making at both the conscious and
subconscious levels:   when your energy system is blocked/switched,
you get unreliable answers; so instead of the correct "yes", you may get
a "no", or no answer at all, or answers messed up so much they confuse you.
What can block/switch your energy system?   Basically whatever is not
congruent (in harmony) with you.   Such as: toxins; negative energies and
entities; negative intentions; lack of nutrients; dehydration; lack of rest;
negative entertainment (computer/video games, etc.); some movies; negative
scripts; etc.
How sensitive you are to such negative affections depends on how energized,
how healthy you are.   The (spiritually) healthier = the more energized
you are, the more immune you are to being blocked/switched.

So you can better understand the magnitude of this issue consider the
following example:
Divine Loves (Gods) are the source of life.   Without their energy, guidance,
answers, support, you would be in trouble.   It would manifest in your life
as negative occurrences, illnesses, lack of abundance, lack of love.
When your internal answering system works properly, it gives you a "yes"
answer to the energy that Divine Loves send to you, thus you accept
the energy and all is peachy.
Now let's say that someone offers you a drink of wine or beer - just a small
glass.   Even just by touching the glass of wine or beer your energy system
might get blocked or switched, as alcohol is such a violent negative energy.
All of a sudden, without you even realizing it, your internal answering system is
messed up.   Suddenly your answering system gives you a "no" answer to
the energy that Divine Loves send to you, thus you reject the energy, and
thus you reject the source of life.   That opens you to negative influences,
and you may fall spiritually, energetically.
And in fact this was one of the main contributing factors to the fall of humankind
during The Concept Time.   It's not that we would choose to reject love,
to say "no" to Divine Loves with our free will.   It's that our energy systems
became messed up and we got false answers, which snowballed into
a big mess, into a world of struggle.

To get out of this big mess = to heal, you definitely need chiropractic care,
along with Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), plus other things that
are listed on the page Good Health Trinity.   NET uses your internal answering
system to help you regain your true good health, and it knows how to
detect and correct being blocked/switched, so it obtains reliable answers.
Chiropractic and NET are synergistic, and are vital to regaining and
maintaining true good health, and are important for even the healthiest
Please, see the other pages of this website for more information on
the universal foundation of true good health, including pages:
Healing Prayers; Meditate...or not?

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