Blood Transfusions and Organ Transplants

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Are blood transfusions and organ transplants good for people?
(Good as in helping energetically in a positive, congruent way, helping with
spiritual evolvement and true healing.)

There are three things that can negatively affect a recipient through the donated
blood or organ:
1)   emotional blocks
2)   toxins
3)   negative energies

1)   emotional blocks
The life energy flows through your body and energy system all the time.
When you encounter a situation with which you cannot deal (lack of answers on
how to deal with it, why it happened, and/or lack of energy), the life energy
becomes stuck.   This stuck energy is called an emotional block, or a neuro-emotional
block.   Such an emotional block then obstructs the flow of the life energy in that
area until it is resolved.   These blocks can pile up and a disease can ensue,
and in truth they are the underlying cause of all diseases.
In other words, emotional blocks get recorded in your energy system and body until
they are resolved; they might be piling up from life to life (incarnation to incarnation).
Most of the time they occur at the subconscious level, so you are not aware of them
consciously until a physical problem develops (pain, illness, discomfort).
In yet another words, the emotional blocks get recorded in the organs and even
the blood.

When an individual receives someone else's blood or an organ, he/she also receives
all the emotional blocks that are recorded in that blood or organ.

2)   toxins
If the donor smoked, ate pork, drank alcohol, drank coffee, took drugs (legal and
illegal), had mercury tooth fillings, etc, the blood or organ is affected with them,
as well (please, see the page Swaddling Bands).

Also, the ability of the recipient's body to fight all these issues, toxins, and negativities
is adversely affected by the immuno-suppressants he/she needs to take so his/her body
doesn't reject the organ.

3)   negative energies
If the donor was a low-energy individual, the blood or organ might be affected by
negative energies, and accepting the blood or organ means having to deal with
the negative energies, as well.

All the acquired emotional blocks, toxins, and negative energies are a big load on
the nervous system of the recipient, that might get bogged down or even collapse.
Such a suppression or collapse might result in the energy of the individual to fall.
If you read the page The only two things you can take with you after you die,
you now understand that your energy along with understanding are the only two things
that will remain with you after you die.   For you, as the soul, losing the body (dying)
is not a big deal, but losing your energy is.   If you lose your body to a whatever cause,
you can incarnate again and continue with whatever you want to work on; however,
if your energy falls and you get affected by negative issues, it may take you many
incarnations to heal that.

One of the reasons for the tendency of many people to save their lives at almost
any cost is the fear of death.   The fear of death comes from the individual's ego (mind,
false self), that sees itself as a separate entity from the rest of the world; this false
view is eagerly encouraged by negative individuals as it gives them enormous control
of the fearful person (whether these negative individuals use religions, politics,
medicine, education, media, or whatever as their vehicle of control).
In truth, death is one of the most beautiful, peaceful, and blissful phenomenon in life
(this refers to death itself, not to the events leading to death); please, see
the page Birth and Death for more info.

If you've read at least some pages of this website, you might now understand that
the critical, and the most important factor in your doing is whether you are congruent
(in harmony, in agreement) with the thing you are doing, or want to do (and also
if Divine Loves, Gods, are congruent with you doing it, or wanting to do that).
If you are NOT congruent with whatever you want to do, it would weaken you
energetically, spiritually, health-wise.   If you are congruent with it, then
it would not weaken you.   Please, see the page Internal Guidance for more info.

The body is never congruent, in harmony, with a blood transfusion or an organ

The spirit might be congruent with a blood transfusion or an organ transplant.
The best, and the surest way to find out whether you are congruent with that is
by visiting a doctor that performs Neuro-Emotional Technique, NET, and have
him/her test you for congruence.   You can find NET practititoners through
this website:   Even if you had to travel some distance
to see such a doctor, it would be very well worth it, as the price for doing
something incongruent with your spirit might be severe.

Note: emotional blocks can be resolved via Neuro-Emotional Technique.

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