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When your awareness gets distracted by something, you are likely
to do something that you normally wouldn't do.   For example, you
might forget to lock the door, put your reading glasses in the fridge,
bump into a wall, overlook an incoming car when making a turn,
go to the washroom of the opposite sex by mistake, etc.
Some of these mishaps might seem funny, and some of them can
have serious consequences; either way, they are symptoms
of lack of awareness.
When that lack of awareness becomes prolonged, an autopilot kicks in
and takes over your life.   An analogy could be of an airplane (your life)
and the pilot (the true you): when the pilot becomes too distracted
(your awareness becomes distracted), the airplane's autopilot
gets turned on and flies the machine (your life).   While in the case
of the airplane it's helpful, in the case of your life it is not.
The autopilot lacks intelligence, and thus lacks positive
guidance.   In a certain way, your life gets out of control.
Not only your autopiloted life might be a series of mishaps,
unloving incidents, and accidents, but your autopilot
might do things that actually negatively affect your true Self .

The Bible reports Jesus saying (during his crucifixion): "Father, forgive
these people, for they don't know what they are doing."   Even though
the biblical story of Jesus is a myth, symbolically, the saying
is true.   People who do unloving things don't know what they are doing.
They are run by their autopilots = they are out-of-control.   If they were aware,
if they were living with awareness, they wouldn't take advantage of others.

Some of the things that affect living with awareness are:
- busy mind
- negative scripts
- distraction by other energies
- energy fragmentation
- lack of harmonious connection with Divine Loves (Gods)
- emotional blocks
- toxicity
- poor nutrition (including lack of sunlight)
- lack of proper rest and exercise
- poor posture (misaligned spine)
- poor hydration
- lack of energy

How to dissolve the autopilot, be in charge of your life,
and live with awareness?
The basics are:
- prayers
- the good health trinity
- silent meditations

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