Following The Mind

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This page is a loose continuation of the pages What Is The Mind?, and
Whose Thoughts?.   It is beneficial to read these pages first.

When you get somewhat proficient in
Witnessing, you realize that
a number of things you do is based on what comes to your mind, rather than what
you really want to do.
For example, you look at your watch because a thought tells you to, not because
you really need to know what time it is.   Or you start whistling/humming a melody
because it popped into your mind, not because you really want to whistle/hum.
Or you look out of the window because your mind tells you to, not because
you really want to do it.   Or you say something because a thought tells you to,
not because you really want to say that.   Or you are in the middle of some
work and a thought/feeling tells you to do something unrelated and you do it,
even though you wouldn't do it if you were aware.   Or a memory of some
event pops into your mind and you react to it emotionally, which you
wouldn't do if you were aware.   And so on.
This means that people who live without awareness spend their lives doing
things they wouldn't do if they were aware; they behave like robots obeying
inputs they come to them through their minds in the form of thoughts and/or
Thus, if you live without awareness, you really don't live your own life.
You don't do what you - the real you - would like to/intend to do (to some degree).
Living without awareness can (and does) lead to unpleasant and disharmonious
situations, and spiritually it can make you go in circles, instead of going to
a higher and higher level (evolving).
Because many thoughts/feelings that come to your mind are not loving, blindly
following them can lead you to connecting with negative energies,
doing something unloving, getting injured, empowering something unloving,
or missing an opportunity to connect with someone/something
When you live with awareness, the same thoughts/feelings may come to
your mind, but because you are aware of them, you can evaluate them
with your intelligence; thus you can choose whether to follow them
or ignore them.

To live with awareness is actually simple, though how easy it is depends on the state
of your health, namely of your nervous system.   The healthier your nervous system is,
the easier it is to be aware.   The page
Good Health Trinity explains
the universal basics of true healing, of good health. In addition to that, instrumental
in living your own life are
witnessing and silent meditations.

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