Spirituality And Religiousness

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People who are struggling to survive, whether financially or health-wise, are
usually not interested in spirituality.   To be open to spirituality, a certain level
of comfort is needed.
When someone has to be concerned about the poor, unhealthy condition of
her house and how to fix it, it is very likely that she's in no mood to meditate,
to search for true answers about life and about who she really is, to search
for alternate and natural ways of healing.   The same goes for someone who
is really sick, or for someone who is poor.
It is when the individual feels fairly comfortable that he/she is much more likely
to be interested in spirituality, to be spiritual.   This is because spirituality needs
relaxation and openness.   A person that struggles to survive is not relaxed and
open; such a struggling person is tensed, worried, frustrated, possibly even
fearful, which is the opposite of openness.

The negative entities that try to control this world know it, and try to manipulate
people to be in a tensed, closed state of being.   Whether it's through economic
manipulation, pumping people with toxins from medicines, giving people false
information, trying to prevent natural ways of healing from being employed by
doctors, etc.

On the other hand, tensed and closed people, that is people that struggle to survive,
are usually readily open to subscribe to a religion.   This is because no intelligence
is needed to be religious (intelligence can flower only in relaxed and open folks).
The only thing that's needed to be religious is to believe something, to have faith
(this faith has nothing to do with the true faith).
To be spiritual, intelligence is very much needed; it is intelligence that guides
the spiritual individual through the maze of life.
The human mind can readily adopt believes that sound at least a little bit
truthful, especially when they are supported by a structure of rules, regulations,
dogmas, and rituals; the human mind thrives in a structured way of living.

On the other hand, spirituality has no structure.   Yes, there are certain universal
basic principles (such as free of toxins - proper nutrition - chiropractic & NET
), but that's it; everyone is unique, thus everyone has different needs.
Plus, life is spontaneous, and no structure can be formed around spontaneity.

The unloving entities that founded and maintain religions understand the human
mind.   Thus they offer some truth in their religious teachings, but not enough
to reveal the whole true picture (because then people would wake up and would
be difficult, if not impossible, to control), and they offer plenty of structure via
morals, laws, rules, rituals and dogmas.

It is the intent of this website to offer congruent answers that help with
true healing, with bringing forth one's intelligence, with connecting with
one's true Self.

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