Normal Child Behaviour

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Note: "normal" in this article means "natural".

What is a normal child behaviour?
A normal child doesn't need to be entertained all the time.
A normal child can sit quietly even for a longer period of time.
A normal child doesn't fight nor tries to insult others, though
   wrestling for fun can happen.
A normal child naturally opts out of activities that are disrespectful
    towards others, such as: taunting others; lying; bullying others.
A normal child naturally stays away from low-energy (negative) entertainment,
    such as: watching violent and horror movies; reading horror books; listening
    to rap, heavy metal, hard rock, loud music; playing computer/video games
    that use violence (fighting, shooting, car crashes, bombing; etc.);
    watching WWE.
A normal child naturally stays away from low-energy toys such as:
    tanks; guns; fighter planes; many action figures.
A normal child doesn't like junk food.
A normal child can turn rebellious when someone tries to force him/her
    to do something that goes against the child's intelligence.
A normal child has a healthy self-esteem and self-discipline.
A normal child stays away from violent activities such as boxing,
    american football, rugby, army/sea/air cadets, playing pretend
    shooting/battle games.

It is striking to hear and read comments of people on movies such as
Stand By Me (1986) and War Of The Buttons.   Many people look at these
movies nostalgically.   As well, many people consider it humorous when
they see or hear about children fighting; these people consider it a part
of childhood.
While the violent child behaviour (fighting, insults, taunting, smoking, lying)
displayed in the above-mentioned movies might be common, it is NOT natural; it is
a symptom of unhealthy nervous system.   The natural behaviour of children
and grown-ups is to be unconditionally loving (unconditionally respectful towards
others and one's Self).
So why do so many children act violently (fight, insult others, lie, taunt others,
even smoke and/or drink alcohol) and are attracted to violent/low-energy
entertainment (action movies, horrors, WWE wrestling, computer games, rap,
heavy metal, hard rock, etc.)?   As mentioned above, it boils down to unhealthy
nervous system, contributed to by: toxicity; unloving intentions; malnutrition;
unhealthy parents; energy system fragmentation; out-of-shape spine; disconnection
from Divine Love, etc.
The best way for a child (actually for everyone) to get back on track to
unconditional lovingness (unconditional respectfulness) = to being natural, is to
address the universal foundation of good health (Good Health Trinity).

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