...don't be hard on your Self

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If you intend to evolve spiritually, don't be hard on your Self.

Unless we are very highly energized, we are bound to make
unloving mistakes and do stupid things from time to time.
Whether it's something the society calls "criminal", or it's
something that escapes the "criminal" label, but still causes
pain/grief to someone, these things might happen.

You might have: hit your child; taken advantage of your coworker;
shortchanged a cashier; lied to someone; bullied someone;
laughed at someone; stolen something; robbed someone;
destroyed someone else's property; or even worse...

It's important to be aware that unloving things like this are not
you - they are not coming from the true you.   The true you is
unconditionally loving.
There are many reasons why you might have done something
unloving; some of them are: toxicity; lack of nutrients; energy
fragmentation; blocked energy system; affection by negative
energies; negative scripts (everything in this existence is run by
scripts; they can be positive, neutral, negative, or anything in between).

The most powerful energy in existence is love.   As you have probably
read on other pages of this website, love is one of the two basic building
blocks of existence (information is the other).   This love energy heals,
harmonizes, protects, maintains true good health.   As a part of our life
experience here on Earth, this love energy flow is not automatically
present.   That is why energy fragmentation, toxicity, negative scripts,
diseases, wars, and other unloving things are possible here.   If the love
energy were flowing automatically, all this unloving stuff couldn't exist.
In a nutshell, the point of this world is to experience what happens when
the love energy flow is not automatically present.   It was set up by
Divine Loves (Gods) and us (as we exist on "The Other Side") like this
on purpose.
From this you can see that Divine Loves (Gods) and other loving
Beings know and understand that unloving things can happen,
and are bound to happen, unless you heal enough to be highly
energized ( = having the love energy flowing through you = having light).
This makes it easier to understand that Divine Loves and other loving
Beings don't judge you.   Why would they set up a world where you
are very likely to make mistakes, to make unloving choices, and then
judge you when you make them?   Not only that, also, especially, love
doesn't judge - it doesn't know how - it's not part of it.   Judging is part
of negative, unloving world that cannot exist in the presence of love;
and in the higher spiritual realms there is nothing but love.
Judging is basically deciding that this is "good" and this is "bad".
Out of judgments come other negative things, such as punishments,
wrath, unloving rewards, etc.   Judging is mind-based. The mind
doesn't exist in the higher spiritual realms.

On the other hand, love discerns.   Love can discern between beneficial
and non-beneficial.   Out of this comes understanding what is good
for you and what is not; what is best to embrace, and what is best to

The point here is to help you understand that regardless of what you've
done in your past, no "heavenly" Beings (Gods, angels, spirit guides, Christ,
etc.) judge you; so why should you judge your Self?   Yes, you are responsible
for your actions, and whatever energy you send out comes back to you (so
if you do something unloving/destructive, similar consequences come
back to you*, so you can learn from that), but nobody in "the heaven"
labels you "this" or "that".   Everyone "up there" knows that you are loving,
and that you just need to heal enough to channel your lovingness - to
manifest it in this world, as well.

So when you do something stupid, something unloving, don't be hard
on your Self if you intend to evolve spiritually.   It's beneficial to repent.
To realize the mistake, to correct it (if possible), to use positive
to uplift your energy, and to address the basics of
true healing
, so you heal your energy system and body.   In fact, this
is the only way you can break the unloving cycle, to bring more light
into your life.   (Well, there is another way, of divine intervention, but
how probable is it?)
It is vital to be aware that negative emotions such as guilt, shame,
self-worth, apathy, hate, false pride, despair, etc., are highly destructive
to you and are guaranteed to keep you locked in a destructive cycle
of negative occurrences.   These unloving emotions don't come
from you, from the true you - they are a byproduct of something
disharmonious, out-of-control, in your universe (everything that is
connected with you).   Again, to get out of these emotions, you
need to address the basics of true healing, plus praying, plus meditating.

If you experience a negative emotion, it's important not to fight
it, not to resist it; it's beneficial to observe it as a witness, to
get centered as much as possible, to breath deeply, and
to pray.   Visiting an NET practitioner
helps you clear the emotion from your energy system and
understand why it happened.

Anger can be positive, beneficial, or negative, destructive.
Beneficial anger is not there to put down, to bully, to depress;
it is there to wake up, to break the rut.   Loving Beings can
get angry.   Divine Loves (Gods) can be angry with you if you do something
destructive; however, it's a beneficial anger in the sense it serves
as a feedback to you that what you've done is unloving; it is not
to make you feel bad, to put you down, to judge you; their unconditional
love for you is not affected.   (Love is not an emotion, it is a state
of being; emotions can come and go, but love cannot go, because love is the
essense of the spirit; thus Divine Loves and other loving Beings, residing
in spiritual realms where negativity is not possible, cannot abandon their
essense and become unloving, even temporarily.)
Anger that comes with a feeling or thoughts of not being worthy, or
being stupid, or being ashamed, is a negative anger.   It has the potential
of bringing your energy down, of fragmenting your energy system, of
negatively affecting your health.   Treating negative anger as other
unloving emotions (see above) is beneficial.

It is vital to be aware that when your time on Earth is up, and it's
your time to go to "The Other Side", there are no judgments, no
labeling; there is only unconditional love and understanding,
regardless of what you've done in your life.
Please, see the page Birth and Death for more details.

*Note: it is possible to learn from previous mistakes, to heal unloving
things, before you experience their consequences by living through similar
occurrences.   This can be done through Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET),
that is design to detect and correct emotional blocks due to energy
fragmentation, toxicity, and whatever other causes.   By resolving
these neuro-emotional issues you may heal enough to come to
understand what you've done (or lived through), and thus to avoid
living through similar occurrences (symbolically, dissolving your karma).

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