Life Myths

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This page is about some of the things people say to justify certain
actions, or that are in a way accepted as a common "wisdom".
However, when we shine the light of Love on them, we can see
they are either completely erroneous, or partially misleading.
It is important to be aware of what people say, even if it's a common
"wisdom" accepted by many people; it's good to examine
such ideas with intelligence, as accepting them at the face value
may result in harm to your health.
How well your intelligence works depends on the state of your nervous
system.   The healthier it is, the better your intelligence works, and the
better you can discern between beneficial and not beneficial stuff.
The intent of this website is to offer answers that are the universal
foundation of true good health (that is healthy nervous system), and
to offer answers about life that are congruent (harmonious) with Love.

Everything in moderation is OK.
While consuming and/or using "bad" things in moderation
might not manifest sufficiently for you to notice them
consciously, even tiny amounts of "bad" stuff (alcohol,
tobacco, drugs, sugar, wheat flour, pork, coffee, computer games, etc.)
may affect you in a profound way.   You, as you're right now, cannot
see deep inside of you, and so you don't consciously understand
how things you ingest and use affect you.   A "bad" thing
may be affecting you deep inside, but due to something else in
your energy system that negative affection might not surface to
the physical level to alert you for a long time, or maybe even
at all.
Just because you don't consciously feel any effects of playing
a computer game that uses killing for entertainment or have
the occasional glass of beer or wine, doesn't mean they don't
affect you.   They do affect you in a negative way for sure, full
stop.   How well you are able to internally handle the affection
is another thing - the more spiritual energy you have, the better
you can handle such negative stuff.   The thing is, that the more
spiritual energy people have, the more likely they are to naturally
stay away from "bad" stuff.   So if you find your Self
more frequently playing games depicting killing and destruction,
smoking, drinking alcohol, drinking coffee, stuffing your stomach
with junk food, there is a good chance that you don't have enough
spiritual energy = that you're a lower-energy entity.   This is because
like energies attract like energies, so if you find your Self drawn to
low-energy ("bad") stuff, that almost certainly means that you,
or some part of you, are a low-energy entity, and have some
healing to do (such as described on this website).
How to get out of this low-energy state, and heal the negative
affections?   Please, read the page Good Health Trinity as a good start.

A little bit of this won't hurt you
The same answer as above, plus:
Things, whether solids, liquids, gasses, electro-magnetic waves, or
thoughts, are not separate entities, separate islands.
Existence is a continuum.   Things, however they manifest, connect to,
or flow into other things, which flow into some other things.   (To be
really correct, even talking about "things" is inaccurate,
as the word "thing" denotes separateness.   So the more
accurate word would be "manifestations" [of the continuum,
of Existence].)   As like energies attract like, it stands to reason that
even "a little bit of this" is connected to, flows into something
else that is of a like energy quality.   That something else might not be
(and usually is not) in this physical world, but it's something in the
subconscious world, where your five physical senses cannot go.
So, a little chocolate bar, a little shot of a flue vaccine, besides having
negative energy by itself, is also connected to something in the subconscious
world of a similar quality.   That means when you allow the chocolate bar,
the flue vaccine (or whatever else) to enter your body, that thing not
only poisons your system, but it also brings with it the connection to
other nasty things in the subconscious world, that also may enter your
system through thus-established connection; in other words, that
junk-food chocolate bar, or that vaccine, may have opened a door for
other toxic stuff to enter you.   Ouch.
Even a thing that manifests as something tiny can be connected
to a huge negative energy in the subconscious world.
Remember the iceberg?   Only a small portion of it is visible on
the surface (symbolically the physical world), while the much bigger
part is submerged and invisible to the naked eye (symbolically the
subconscious world).   So even a drop of something that shouldn't
enter your body (such as alcohol or coffee) can link you to nasty
stuff in the subconscious world.   If or how much depends on the
state of your health, namely the health of your nervous system.
The healthier you are, the more immune you are to such affections.
How to have your nervous system healthy, and heal the negative
affections?   Please, read the page Good Health Trinity as a good start.

My uncle smoked and drank alcohol and he lived till 90 and was
fit and mentally fine right till the end...

Some people have a strong constitution and are able to withstand more
abuse than others, with seemingly little or no signs of affection.
However, that doesn't meant they don't get affected.   Be aware, that a
negative affection starts deep inside and then it may or may not surface
and manifest as a disease, pain, or whatever else physical, depending
on all the stuff that goes on in the person's universe (everything that is
connected with the person).
It's very likely that had that uncle been examined by a chiropractor, he
would have found an out-of-wack spine, tight, compressed, and out-of-balance
body due to the smoking/alcohol (and possible other) abuse.
The answers from the two Life Myths above apply here, as well.
Remember, your energy and understanding are the only two
things you can take with you after you die
The toxic smoking and alcohol might have affected the uncle's
energy, so he became stuck or even less energized (devolved),
even though the level of his fitness and mental abilities was seemingly
unaffected.   It may take a long time, even lifetimes, to heal the
stuckness or regain the lost energy.

You can be anything you want
Actually, that's a false statement.   You are what you are and that's it,
you cannot be anything else.   If you try to be something else than
you are, you will cause a disharmony in your Being, and go nuts
at the same time.   You are an individual manifestation of Love, and
at even a deeper level an individual manifestation of The Holy Spirit;
you cannot be anything else.
Yes, this phrase is used to say that you can have any job you want,
but the use of language does matter, so it's important to use it
correctly = congruently with the spirit.
To say that you can have any job that you want is not necessarily
correct either.   The most important thing is that you need to be
congruent (in harmony) with the wanted job first.   If you're not
congruent with it, then the chance of getting it is small; and if you'd
get it, it would weaken you, it would contribute negatively to your life.
Why would anyone want something that is not congruent with him/her?
Because there are many unloving things that may affect people, and
that affection can contribute to the incongruence.   For example,
if someone is affected by alcohol, he/she can choose to have a job
or do things that are not congruent with him/her.
You may have an emotional issue with the wanted job, and that's
a form of incongruence, as well.   That emotional issue needs to be
resolved first so you can enjoy the job (or whatever else) in good health.
Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) is designed
to detect incongruence, emotional issues, and resolve them.
It can also help you find out what job (or whatever else) is the best
for you.

If you really want it and work hard...
The same answer as above applies here, too.
The concept of congruence is important to understand.
Things that affect congruence (harmony with) are:
- affection by negative energies
- lack of energy
- fragmentation of the nervous/energy systems
- emotional blocks
- disconnection from Divine Loves (Gods)
(Well, all the points above are not really separate points,
but individual aspects of the same thing.   For example:
lack of energy would result in fragmentation, affection,
emotional blocks, and even possibly disconnection.)
NET can detect and help correcting all that.
So if you really want something, work hard, and are not getting
it, it is almost certain you are not congruent with it, or something
is in your way.   Again, NET can help you resolve the issues.

Longevity is a sign of good health, is good
Life is not about longevity; life is about expressing your
true Self and about energy and understanding.
So while longevity may be a sign of good health, may be good, it is not
necessarily so.   A person who dies young may evolve more, and have
a more fulfilling life, than a person who lives for a long, long time.
All the talk about longevity has a lot to do with marketing, and
the fear of death.
Just because someone lives a long life doesn't mean he/she is
a positive entity.
Relaxed, healthy body with healthy spine is a sign of good health.
How to achieve that?
Please see the page Good Health Trinity, and the rest
of this website for more answers.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely
This is a false statement.   Osho expressed it well - power is a magnifier,
an enabler, an amplifier.   Whatever already exists in the person gets
magnified, amplified.   If the person is loving, then the power will
bring out even more manifestations of love.   If the person is corrupted
inside, then the power will amplify the corruption.
As you can understand from the page Intellectual World vs. Intelligent World,
in an Intellectual World (especially when it's a lower energy one), people
who make it to the top positions of the social ladder are usually smart people
with little intelligence and an aggressive drive.   So when they get
to a position of power, the power amplifies that aggressive smartness,
that ruthless smartness.
However, if you would give Christ the same amount of power, he wouldn't
misuse it for controlling, unloving things; he would use it to manifest
more positive, beneficial stuff for everyone.

Love is hard work
This is a false statement.   Love is our true nature.   How can something
that is our true nature be hard work?
Love is no work at all; love is a natural flow of our true Selves.
The thing is, that the mind, the ego, creates its own concepts and
ways of living that are many times incongruent (disharmonious) with
love.   The mind, the ego, might get so entrenched in these
twisted concepts and ways of living, that changing them seems to be
a hard work.   That is nonsense, of course.   Actually, maintaining
and protecting the disharmonious concepts and ways of living is very
energy-consuming, very hard.   Letting them go, just dropping them,
saves you lots of energy, relaxes you, enables you to be more whole,
to heal.

I have this gemstone, this crystal, this good-luck charm, and when
I touch it I feel energy/vibrations - that's a sign of positive effect.

Not necessarily.   Touching a negative thing may result in feeling
some kind of energy/vibrations, as well.   Because the mind is not able to
discern between truth and falseness, in this case between beneficial
and not beneficial, you might think it's a positive sign when in fact
it might be a negative one.
It's good to be very cautious with this stuff.   It's very well worth
taking it to an NET doctor and testing it.   That way you know for sure
whether it's good for you or not.   Even if you had to travel a fair distance
to see that NET doctor, it would be very beneficial.
To find such a doctor, please visit

Color therapy - using colors to enhance different emotional, mental

As you can read from the page Your Colour, you have
a color that is vital for your good health, and a color that is important
to avoid.   When you are exposed to your "bad" color, your
energy system gets weakened.   This color stuff is vital to understand,
as it affects your health in a significant way.   You need to be surrounded
by your "good" color as much as possible, and avoid your
"bad" color as much as possible.
With respect to using colors for color therapy, if you expose your body
to your "bad" color, it negatively affects your health.   With
a prolonged exposure that negative affection might be very serious,
and it may even collapse your energy, depending on how much
energized (how spiritually healthy) you are.
The most reliable way to find what your "good" and "bad" colors
are is to visit an NET practitioner and have him/her test you.
The testing can be done by you looking at a certain color (maybe a piece
of color paper, such as used by paint companies to show the colors of their
paints), and the NET doctor testing your body for response -
the "bad" color would make your body go weak.
With the intend of finding the "good" color, when you
focus on the color that is your "good" color, it would make
your body strong.

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