How Porn Affects People

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How does watching porn affect you, whether it is adult or child porn?
How does participating in porn affect you?
Why is it important to understand that?

It is perfectly natural to be curious how good-looking people look
naked, and how they look/behave when playing sexually, regardless
of their sex and age.   When this natural curiosity is guided by intelligence,
all is peachy (positive), because intelligence (an aspect of the spirit) guides
the person to congruent (harmonious with love) ways of satisfying the natural
curiosity, and thus the person remains safe and healthy.   Of course, this is
true for both watching and participating in sexual activities.

When you engage in any activity (whether an actual or pretended [fantasy] one)
that is not congruent with love, it weakens you spiritually, and that may reflect
in your physical health, as well.   When you are weakened spiritually, your
spiritual self-defense system is negatively affected and you may get affected
by negative energies, your energy level may go down (you may devolve).
You may succumb to the Divide, Control, and Rule scenario.
That's a very high price to pay; it may take lifetimes (incarnations) to recover
from that.

"Congruent with love" means congruent (harmonious) with
you and with Divine Loves (Gods). Nobody is congruent with unloving
things.   Please remember, you are not a body-mind; you are an individual
manifestation of Love (and at an even deeper level of The Holy Spirit) - there are
many levels to you, and for something to be safe for you to do or entertain,
all your levels must be harmonious with it.   In addition to it, Divine Loves (Gods)
must be harmonious with you doing or entertaining that, as well.   This is
because you might not have all the answers (information) necessary to safely
discern if that thing that you want to do is safe for you or not.   Divine Loves,
especially Love of Loves (God of Gods), have the answers.
It is possible to check whether whatever-the-thing-is is congruent with you
and Divine Loves.   The best and safest way is to use Neuro-Emotional
Technique (NET)
, that is practiced by specially trained doctors.
Another way of checking is to use muscle-strength testing as explained
in the books by Dr. David R. Hawkins (, such as
"Power vs. Force".

So can pornography be congruent with love?
For pornography to be congruent with love it would have to fulfill at least
these criteria:
1) everyone participating in it, including the viewer, would have to agree to it
    with their free will; that is their choice to participate in it would have to be
    guided by intelligence, by love (as opposed to smartness, the mind)
2) the intention behind it would have to be positive, loving (as opposed to
    calculating, advantage-taking, unloving)
3) the guiding principle "do no harm" would have to be observed
    (do no harm physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually, etc.)
4) the participants, especially the actors, would have to be healthy enough,
    energized enough to calibrate higher than 500, that is be loving.

Regarding point 1):   Choosing to participate in pornography (that includes
viewing it) is not enough, as there is a difference between a "choice" and
a "free-will choice".   A choice is based on whatever affects the person
at the time of the choice, whether it's a loving or unloving affection.   A free-will
choice is based on loving, healthy guidance.   We all make choices all the time,
and from the overall state of the world you can discern that a lot of those
choices have been just choices, not free-will choices.   If most of our choices
were "free will", we would live in a peaceful, prosperous, healthy,
and abundant society.   Nobody chooses with his/her free will to do
unloving things.
Examples of unloving affections that negatively affect our choices are:
toxicity; electro-magnetic fields (EMF) pollution; obnoxious noises; lack of
nutrients; dehydration; lack of sleep/rest; out-of-shape spine; negative entities;
lack of our "good" color; the presence of our "bad" color;
unloving intentions; poor connection with Divine Loves (Gods); unhealthy
nervous system; etc.

Regarding point 2):   Examples of positive intentions:   offering true answers (such
as in positive educational videos); having positive and healthy fun (such as
the natural sexual playing that healthy children and adults engage in).
Examples of negative intentions:   to make money (making money is OK when it
is a byproduct of offering a positive service); to gain some unloving advantage
(control, power, social position, etc.); sensationalism; feeding primitive impulses
(such as erotism lacking love); taking advantage of someone's naivete; etc.

Regarding point 3):   This is just a guiding principle, not a command.

Regarding point 4):   In the book "Power vs. Force" David R.
Hawkins revealed a map of the scale of consciousness.
The scale goes from the lowest level of zero to the highest level of 1000.
The higher the number, the higher energy the person is.
The higher the number, the more evolved, more healthy, more loving
the person is.
In a simplified way, a person calibrating below 200 is a negative, destructive
person.   Above 200 some positivity (love) becomes manifested and increases
to the highest level that is attainable on Earth - 1000.   For example, Christ
calibrated at 1000.   Hitler calibrated well below 200.   Below 500 is a region
of the mind, of smartness, of cunningness; above 500 is a region of love,
of intelligence.

Can a porn video or picture be congruent with love, that is be safe for viewing?
If by "porn" is meant showing sexually explicit images, it can.
If by "porn" is meant erotism for the sake of getting sexually excited,
but lacking true love, then it cannot.

Let's say that a bunch of healthy friends (whether children or adults) decide
to record their sexual playing on a video (all of them agree to it).
Their intention behind the video is to keep it for viewing later for fun, and
to show it to others for fun.   That video is positive, because it fulfills all
the four points listed above.   Viewing of the video is safe for people of
all ages, provided the viewers have enough (spiritual) energy to handle
seeing recorded images.

It is important to be aware that like energies attract like energies.
Erotism lacking true love is a low-energy thing that attracts low-energy
people (including children).   The result is a low-energy product that
contributes negatively to everyone connected with it, including the viewer.
Some signs indicating that the sexually explicit video/picture/website is
a low-energy one:
- the use of vulgar language
- body piercing
- engaging in unnatural sexual activities (including anal sex)
- tattoos
- showing above-average size breasts and penises only
- doing it to make money
- orgasm having no bang (shallow orgasm usually indicates some
  issues with the nervous system of the subject; it doesn't necessarily
  mean that the subject is a low-energy person, but in the case of
  porn this only adds to the other indicators)
- the website having flashy, sensationalist design
You can see that most (if not all) porn sites display these signs.

When it comes to child porn, adults approaching children and asking
to take their picture for the purpose of erotism is not congruent with love.
Watching (or otherwise participating in) child porn can be especially
dangerous, because on the surface children are cute, beautiful, and
seem to be innocent.   However, behind that cute body is an entity
that is in a low-energy and fragmented state.   In addition, low-energy
entities attract other low-energy entities to them, so the erotic
photograph/video of that seemingly-cute child can also capture
the other negative entities that attached themselves to the child.
(Photographs/videos capture also the aura of the subject, and even other
energies that attach themselves to the subject; it makes no difference
what age/sex the subject is.   You may not be able to see them with
your physical eyes, but your subconscious mind can see them, and
it affects you).   Of course, all this applies to adult porn that doesn't
adhere to the four criteria (listed above), as well.
That's why it's vital to beware of porn; it can be a dangerous spiritual
By viewing (or otherwise participating in) porn your energy system
may get blocked, fragmented, messed up, attacked by negative
energies.   You may get stuck spiritually, or even devolve.
When you knowingly engage in unloving activities (such as viewing
or participating in porn) for unloving purposes (getting sexually excited
while lacking love), your brain produces neuro-toxins that affect
your health negatively.

If you work as a police officer or someone who needs to view porn
for positive purposes (such as getting rid of child porn, protecting
children/people), the positive intent you generate protects you to some
degree, but you still need to protect your energy system, your health in
other ways...please read on.

To protect your health from the negative effects of porn, it's vital
that you stay away from it (though this may not be possible for
law enforcement people), and that you address the universal bases
of good health - the good health trinity. Especially chiropractic
and neuro-emotional technique (NET) are critical.   NET detects
neuro-emotional blocks and negative affections, and helps resolve
them.   Chiropractic helps defragment your nervous system and refill
your energy tank.   Other things that are very helpful are:   prayers, including
Love Prayer; the affirmation "I love my Self" is an important, energizing
one; positive symbols, such as the cross; Biopro EMF harmonizing chips
(when you watch porn, you may be exposed to negative frequencies
piggybacking on the video/picture; the EMF harmonizing chips can help
with neutralizing or diminishing the effects of the negative frequencies);
silent meditations (they help with centering and reconnecting
with the source of your true power); proper breathing; reading high-energy
books, such as "Power vs. Force" by David R. Hawkins or
"Power Of Intention" by Wayne Dyer, or this website.

Please be aware that your (spiritual) energy is one of the only two things you
can take with you when you die
(leave your earthly body), so it's
vital to protect your energy and keep it up.

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